AMI-PRESCO - Screen-printing, drying and automation equipment
  AVON ZATEC – High performance squeegee’s and Urethane products  
aaa LIPPERT-UNIPOL – Deburring, deoxidation and finishing rollers for surface processing of PC boards   aaa CARSTEN SYSTEMS AND MACHINE - Tape casting systems  
  METRONELEC - Solder ability measurement equipment     CARRIER COMMERCIAL REFRIGIRATION - Ultra cold freezers for adhesives  
  MOZAIK - Photoimageable thick film materials and equipmentnt     EPOCH – Turnkey manufacturers, PCB assembly, mechanical assembly and box build.   
  PACIFIC TRINETICS CORPORATION - Isostatic Laminators, Via Fillers, Green Tape processing equipment. Small part sorting system     ESI - Lasers, Micro machining systems, drilling of thin laminates, Silicon machining,Laser trimmers.
  SIKAMA - Reflow solder systems, wafer bumping and BGA process     FIBERTECH - Fiber Optic Illuminators and accessories
  SEMPAC - Design, development and manufacturing of Pre-molded “Open-Cavity” Plastic Packages     FARR -Inline cleaning machines, batch, robotic & custom
  WEB TECHNOLOGY - Manufactures, markets, and services a wide range of handling and other test related equipment for packaged integrated circuits      HARROP USA - Manufacturer of dryers, kilns, holding rooms and furnaces

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